Te Anga Marau o Te Kura o Te Teko Curriculum Framework

In the context that makes up our curriculum areas, we have divided our curricula into areas that form the Framework from which we teach and learn. These curricula have been taken from Te Marautanga o Aotearoa; infused with the philosophies, beliefs and value of our kura – it’s whānau, hapū and iwi.

Ngāti Awa ki Rangitaiki

The areas identified in this section of the framework encompass all the areas that are culturally significant; this area gives guidance to how our students are taught and learn. Ringatū is uniquely Māori in it’s delivery, practice and framework; it is therefore, part of our cultural ‘make-up’ at our kura. It also remains one of the most prominent haahi practiced in our region. The importance of sharing experiences pertaining to Ngāti Awa ki Rangitaiki marae, history, songs, haka, whakapapa, region and dialect are intrinsic in the nurturing of all the students that attend our kura.

Marau Iho Core Curriculum

As Aotearoa schools are guided from NZC and TMoA, the areas of our core curriculum make up the aspects from which we base our core subjects in teaching and learning. Reading, writing, oral skills and mathematics are fundamental to any student on their educational journey, and learning these skills and knowledge set the foundation for all education.

Pakirēhua Inquiry

The areas covered in Pakirēhua refer to all the curricula that are equally important to a students’ learning and progress. They include The Arts, Social Science, Health, Science & Technology, Digital Technology and Languages. They are also important on a students academic journey, to broaden student thoughts, provide platforms for inquiry in differing aspects and to give student experience in and out of the classroom.

Kia Ū te Marau ki Ngā Tikanga Adhering curricula to Māori Practice

Social Science and Health & Wellbeing flow through all aspects of Māori ways of life. It is believed that to every process there should be a practice that helps to secure and encompass a student in their cultural identity while studying.