Te Kura o Te Teko was opened in July, 1881 and has been serving our community for 139 years.

We’ve had many generations come through our kura – our parents, whanau, grandparents – many of whom have passed on now. 

Over the years our kura and community have faced many challenges – from the influenza epidemic of 1918, both world wars, the floods of Rangitaiki in the 60s and 70s, the 1987 earthquake, the Rangitaiki flood in 2017, to the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020.

The trials and tribulations over the past century have been many, but our people have always survived, maintaining their mana, their integrity and their “way of life”

Te Kura o Te Teko has had its’ fair share of staff – principals, teachers and support staff – that have started or ended their career at our kura. With all, our kura appreciates all of their input into the mechanics of our kura operations, and will cherish their part in our history in times to come.

Whakapā mai  / Contact Us 
Phone:    07 322 8442 
Email: admin@teteko.school.nz
Wāhi Noho / Physical Address 
24 Te Teko Road
P O Box 5, TE TEKO, 3167 
Ngā Wāhanga 2023  Term Dates

Term 1  Tuesday, 31 January -Thursday, 6 April
Term 2  ​​​​​​​Monday, 24 April-Friday-30 JuneTerm 3  ​​​​​​​Monday, 17July to Friday-22 SeptemberTerm 4  Monday,  9 October-Wednesday, 14 December 
Ngā Hāora /Hours 
Office Hours:       8.50am –       2.30pm
Monday to Friday   8.50am to       2.30pmInterval        11.00am-       11.30amLunch       1.00pm-       1.30pm