Attending Te Kura o Te Teko requires that all students wear our uniform. From 2020, Te Kura o Te Teko have engaged services with NZ Uniforms - where parents and whānau can purchase uniforms directly through their business. There are several methods to payment - either becoming a member of their Uniform Club, Afterpay or direct sales.

We advise that black shorts, skirts and trousers be purchased from places such as The Warehouse, KMart, or other clothing stores to keep costs to our community to a minimum. It is important that students are aware that failure to attend kura in correct uniform may mean a confiscation of gear and a discussion with parents or caregivers. If our community have suggestions around uniform changes or updates, please feel free to contact administration or the tumuaki with your ideas.

Te Whakataukī ā Te Kura o Te Teko

"Tauaki te tū, taiki te rere, Ōkōrero kia mau"