Ngāti Awa ki Rangitaiki Dialect and its Environment

Although te reo Māori from across Aotearoa has its similarities, the spoken Māori language can be distinguished from region to region depending on the environment, the people and the conditions in which the local iwi resides. The Ngāti Awa ki Rangitaiki dialect is distinct and carries its own uniqueness for these reasons.

Language also has its foundations in the environment from which it was borne – identifying characteristics, features and locations with tribal history and traditions diverged throughout the history of the people residing on the banks of the Rangitaiki River. This dialect was developed in relation to the setting where te iwi o Ngāti Awa ki Rangitaiki have developed and resided.

Kaiako and staff familiar with te reo Māori will endeavour to utilise this dialect and it’s environment in conversation and instruction with the students of our kura. Our dialect – though fragmented through the generations of language loss – will be used to its fullest capacity where possible to ensure that students are familiar with, and engaged in the language and dialect of their ancestors, and the local community.

Ngā Marama o te tau

Ngā marama o te tau