Focus for Learners

Tamariki will:

• Participate in and daily fitness activities as part of their classroom learning programme

● learn various physical contexts and develop informed attitudes towards traditional and contemporary physical education and health

• Develop practical knowledge in Health & Physical Education

• Develop ideas in Health & Physical Education

• As part of EOTC (Education Outside The Classroom) programmes, students are expected to take part in at least one rural, urban, seaside, forest, overnight stay, and overseas experience during their time at kura

Programming of Learning

• Learning programmes will provide learning opportunities, either as a specialized area or using an integrated approach

● The overlapping nature of the strands should encourage an integrated approach to learning and focusing on contexts that have meaning for children will be followed

• Learning experiences will engage children in learning that contributes to developing their key competencies – including managing self, using language, symbols, and texts, relating to others and participating and contributing, that are integral to this and all Learning Areas

• Learning and teaching programmes will be planned to meet the needs of all learners

• Learning programmes will include opportunities to watch, and integrate with, visiting artists.

Assessment and Evaluation

This should be carried out by both teacher and child to assess:

• Pupil achievement and growth

• Changes in children’s interests and attitudes

• The effectiveness of the programme

• Pupil potential

• Achievement Objectives covered will be tracked over time.

Te Whakataukī ā Te Kura o Te Teko

"Tauaki te tū, taiki te rere, Ōkōrero kia mau"